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We're back babes, boys, and beings!!!

It's been a while, but back to share some super cool courses and public lectures where I'm going to be chatting all about LGBTQ+ experiences across ancient history!

Starting on Monday 17th June, I'm running a Continuing Education course with the amazing organisation Save Ancient Studies Alliance where we can chat all about sexuality and power in the Ancient World, and how we can talk about complicated topics to do with LGBTQ+ Antiquity in a positive way. It's completely free, you get a certificate for taking part, and it should be a great place to chat about teaching and talking about Ancient History and Queerness!

Then at the end of the month I'm running two public lectures with CityLit for their Pride month celebrations. On Friday 28th June, I'll be giving an online lecture on Transgender lives in Antiquity, before on Saturday 29th June there will be an in person lecture in London on Queerness and Sexuality across Ancient History!! We'll end Pride Month with a big celebration of the long history of LGBTQ+ lives, and would love to see you there!

You can sign up to everything at the links below, and would love to see and chat to you all about everything gay and everything ancient x New blog posts coming very soon, and Happy Pride!

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